Лаборатория гидрологии


The first department that appeared in October, 1934 was called the Hydrogeographical Department. In 1950 hydrology and climate research areas together formed the Department of Hydrology and Climatology. The Department of Hydrology was established in October, 1957. Since then many well-known hydrologists has worked here: M.A. Velikanov, V.A. Troitskiy, D.I. Abramovich. For the period 1958-1961 the Department was headed by M.F. Sribniy; 1962-1986 by M.I. Lvovich; 1986-1990 by A.N. Krenke; 1991-present time by N.I. Koronkevich.

Among the most famous scientists of the second half of the twentieth century there are A.V. Belyaev, S.L. Vendrov, A.M. Green, N.N. Dreyer, S.V. Zonn, P.F. Idzon, V.E. Joganson, G.Y. Karasik, N.T. Kuznetsov, Y.N. Kulikov, L.K. Malik, G.P. Medvedeva, G.M. Nikolaeva, I.D. Tsigelnaya, E.P. Chernyshev, G.M. Chernogayeva. During this period our main research results have been as follows: the development of the geographical field of hydrology and creation of the six-component system of water balance equations; mapping elements of the water balance of the world, the Soviet Union and other regions and evaluation of water balance characteristics; approach development and quantitative assessment of the impact of anthropogenic factors on water resources; development of the polystructural approcah to water balance and its implementation on the example of the Russian Plain; evaluation of ecological consequences of the impact of human activities on water resources; variative forecasts of the state of water resources; evaluation of the soil erosion intensity in the world; development of the preventive framework for the protection of water resources from depletion.