Лаборатория гидрологии


1. Creating a theoretical and methodological framework for modern geo-hydrological studies.
2. Landscape zonal hydrological studies.
3. Water balance polystructure of the territory and its current modifications.
4. Catchment areas and economic activities influence on the quantity and quality of water resources.
5. Modelling of the landscape zonal structure of evolution and seasonal changes in hydrological fields in the past, present and future.
6. Hydroecological problems and objectives of the environmentally sound water management.
7. Extreme hydrological events and their occurence on the territory of Russia.
8. Evaluation of the water resources use in Russia compared to other countries and the world as a whole.
9. Scenarios of the future state of water resources in major river basins considering the climate change and changes in water economy.
10. Hydrological problems of marine waters.
11. Paleohydrological reconstruction.