Лаборатория гидрологии


Scientists of the Department of Hydrology have actively participated in the creation of global and regional international and bilateral research programmes.

These are:

1. International complex terrestrial and aerospace KUREX-88 and KUREX-91 field experiments in the central part of the Russian Plain, 1988-1989 and 1991.
2. International Programme on Global Palaeohydrology
3. GAME/Siberia
5. IPY 2007/2008

Current bilateral projects:

1. The Russian-Japanese project "Environmental changes in the Arctic and Eastern Siberia regions under the influence of global warming" (led by ac. V.M. Kotlyakov from the Russian side, ex. A.G. Georgiadi) implemented according to the scientific programme of the Russian-Japanese Commission on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (under the Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between the Governments of the Russian Federation and Japan). Such projects have been included in the programme of the Commission since 1997 every two years on a regular basis.
2. International UNESCO-INQUA geoscience grant №610 "Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean corridor during the Pleistocene: environmental fluctuations and the impact on the ancient man." Chepalyga A.L. - nat. coordinator.

Joint field research with international partners conducted in different years:

1. In the early 1990s - paleohydrological research (based on the study of ancient meanders) in the Seim River valley (together with Polish and American scientists).
2. In 1996-2000. in Eastern Siberia (Tiksi, Spasskaya Pad near Yakutsk) with Japanese scientists in the framework of GAME/Siberia programme.

Conferences in the framework of international and bilateral programmes:

1. "The Fourth International Sonference on Global Continental Palaeohydrology-GLOCOPH 2000. Jointly with Symposium on Glaciation and Reorganization of Asia's Network of Drainage, August 21 -26, 2000, Moscow and Central Part of Russian Plain, Russia.", in the framework of GLOCOPH was organised by the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences and Geographical faculty of the Moscow State University in 2000. The conference programme included field trips to the Kursk Biosphere Station .
2. Russian-Japanese workshop on the GAME/Siberia programme. Moscow, 1997.
3. A number of workshops and meetings on NEESPI programme.